What if Zlatan Ibrahimovic returns to Juventus?

What if Zlatan Ibrahimovic returns to Juventus?


Zlatan Ibrahimovic JuventusI know it might sound crazy with no news sites linking Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Juventus but an individual close to the Juventus camp informed us that Ibrahimovic may be very close to joining Juventus. We were also informed that the deal is not being managed by Marotta but by Pavel Nedved and his friend, Zlatan’s agent, Mino Raiola. To be honest we’re still finding it hard to believe but should Zaza leave Juventus, Ibrahimovic may really join Juventus. As you might already know, Juventus can’t afford to pay Ibrahimovic the salary he’s earning at PSG but they may spread that salary over a number of years.

To be fair, although Ibrahimovic had forced his way out from Juventus, he always spoke well about Juventus and defended the titles he had won at Juventus even though he was playing at Inter Milan. Last summer he was linked with Juventus but it seemed that they were just rumours. His thirst to win the Champions League may convince him in moving to Juventus as last year they missed on winning the big eared trophy in the final against Barcelona. Juventus are also eager to win the Champions League again, it would be a romantic story if they had to win the trophy together.

Lastly but not least, as Juventus supporters we were very disappointed with the way he had forced his way out of Juventus. Even more as he had chose to join our arch rivals, Inter Milan. Since then several years have passed as he played at Barcelona, AC Milan and PSG. Although several years have passed since his departure we still haven’t forgiven him. I’m sure that should he join Juventus he would initially be booed but as soon as he starts banging in the goals the boos will turn into claps and support. In my opinion one shouldn’t be deceived by his age, he still is a top player in his prime and his signing would almost ensure a fifth title in a row. With Juventus most probably missing on attacking midfielder, Ibrahimovic would definitely fill in that gap for a year or two.

What do you think? Would you like Ibrahimovic to return to Juventus? Would he be an asset to the team?